November 29

I came across this article today and it got me thinking... what an amazing lost art is the darkroom! I know that is one of the parts I miss the most and I wish more people would have experienced it. I know now with digital it is all so much easier and quicker, but man how I miss the smell of the fixer!

October 16

I am so sorry I have been so out of touch here! This year has been one amazing one in so many aspects. I was thrilled to be the curator for my good friend (and extremely talented) photographer Phil Behan's exhibition "The Karen of Mayo" as part of this year's Photo Ireland Festival. I have also been going "back in time" refurbishing and putting up to speed some oldies but goldies cameras and can't wait to start shooting with them again. So many projects, so little time.

Shortly, I will be uploading some new images, so I hope you have the chance to look at them and let me know what you think. You know I always love to hear feedback.

March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 12

It was only today, that I realised that I am quite obsessed with the whole doors & windows subject. I can't believe how many photos I have collected during all this time about them. So I have decided to group them all together. Hope you like them.

Recien hoy me percate de la obsecion que tengo con el tema de las puertas y ventanas. No puedo creer cuantas fotos he acumulado durante todos estos anyos. Asi que he decidido agruparlas juntas. Espero que les gusten.

March 5

I have been neglecting this page for a while due to a large workload that had to be taken care of with priority. I promise within the next month or so to update all (or almost all) the contents of this website! Tune back in and hope you enjoy it!

Ultimamente he estado dejando de lado esta pagina debido a la falta de tiempo ya que estuve muy ocupada con trabajos que tenian prioridad. Prometo en el proximo mes cambiar el contenido de la pagina. Vuelvan pronto y espero que les guste!

Jan 19

My 1st camera ever was a Kodak Brownie Fiesta. My 2nd camera: a Kodak Instamatic, then there was a 3rd one but my 4th camera was a Kodak Star 235 with which I won my first contest and got my 5th camera a Kodak Cameo. Still today I use my other cameras with Kodak films. I can say I'm one of the real Kodak girls and I am so sorry to hear about Kodak's news...

Mi primer camara fue una Kodak Brownie Fiesta. Mi segunda camara una Kodak Instamatic, hubo una tercera por ahi, pero la cuarta fue una Kodak Star 235 con la cual gane mi primer concurso cuyo premio fue mi camara numero 5, una Kodak Cameo. Hoy mismo sigo usando otras camaras pero con pelicula Kodak. Estoy orgullosa de decir que soy una de las "Chicas Kodak" originales. Y estoy muy triste de escuchar las novedades de hoy de Kodak...

Dec 14

Very sad to hear that the amazing Henry Gilpin has left us at the age of 89. It was an absolute honor to have met him, organised his exhibition at the A.Adams Gallery and to have done the Zone System module with him. As I type this I am looking at one of his originals that I have the honor of having hanging in my wall and think of the amazing opportunity I had of meeting him. May he rest in peace.

Read HERE what other photographers from the gallery had to say about him.

Nov 22

I just spent the last hour and a half watching this movie. I wasn't expecting much even though I had heard about it so much. I thought it was going to be this "happy cheerpy life is fantastic" kind of video. But it is not. Is not all doom and gloom either. Is REALISTIC. And I loved it. I found myself crying for moments, laughing out-loud others, deciding to become a vegetarian and even having to look away at times. I felt love, I felt hate, I felt joy and a lot of times a deep anger... and that is life. This hour and a half will be the most well spent hour and a half you can spend in these frivolous and empty times we are living in.

You really can't miss it.


Oct 20, 2011

Did you know you can get any of my prints through Etsy? I only posted very few for the moment, but if there is any other one you would like to, feel free to request it and I will make sure to load it. Check out my shop at:

Sabian que pueden adquirir mis imagenes a travez de Etsy? Solo he posteados algunas por el momento, pero si hay alguna otra que les interesa, sientanse libres de hacermelo saber y la cargare. Visiten mi shop aqui:

Oct 9, 2011

I was thinking that I had never advised people that I have a number of blog platforms. I know that not everyone will use Facebook, or Flickr or even Twitter. So I had done a number of them just to ensure that everyone can get their quota of "Florencianess" :-)

Estaba pensando que nunca avise que tengo unos cuantos blogs en distintas plataformas. Se que no todos son fans de Facebook o Flickr o Twitter. Asi que es por eso que tengo unos cuantos, como para asegurarme que a todos les llegue la cuota diaria de "Florencidad" :-)
A disfrutar!




Oct 6, 2011

It looks like today I am the "star" of Mortal Muses - Life in B&W website... Delighted about it!

Parece que hoy soy la "estrella" principal en la pagina de Musas Mortales - La Vida en B&N... Un honor!

Sept 21

Apparently today is Photographer's day in Argentina, so HAPPY DAY to all the shutterbugs out there!

Aparentemente hoy es el dia del Fotografo en Argentina, asi que feliz dia a todos los "gatillo facil" por ahi!

Aug 29

My friend Aidan Mc Carthy shared today a blog entry of an other photographer Tony Sleep about the famous and -unfortunately- well known situation for all photographers: the typical "no budget for photographs" issue. Click HERE to read it.

Aug 8

I recovered my first camera… only 30 years later. Delighted with it and looking forward seeing if something comes out of it!

You can see a photo here

Recupere mi primer camara… solo 30 anios mas tarde. Feliz y esperando ansiosa ver si sale algo relativamente presentable!

Pueden ver una foto aca.

Aug 1

Welcome to my blog.

I am not much of a writer, but I will try to keep this up to date with some random Photography information, events or simple thoughts. Hope you enjoy the posts!

Bienvenidos a mi blog.

No soy muy buena escribiendo, pero tratare de mantener este blog al dia con algunos articulos de Fotografia, eventos o simples pensamientos. Espero que los disfruten!